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Bhi, Klatle

Bhi, Klatle

'Head Killerwhale of a pod of Killerwhales' (Klatle-bhi, pronouned Cloth-bay) was born March 21, 1966 from the Squamish Nation. The name was given to him by his Grandmother, Emily Baker, and comes from Gwa'yi Village (Kingcome Inlet). He has been taught and influnenced by Simon Dick, Richard Baker, Rick Harry and Wade Baker. Part of his journey includes:

Spiritual Practice - He practices sweatlodge ceremonies, cold water baths, mountain vision quests as well as his own art work as part of his purification and learning; he is also familiar with potlatching

Canoe - President of the Squamish Nation Sea-Going Society; and paddles a 45' ocean canoe

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