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ʼMa̱kwa̱la (Half) - Kwamxalagalis (Wayne Alfred)

ʼMa̱kwa̱la (Half) - Kwamxalagalis (Wayne Alfred)

The feature of a ʼMa̱kwa̱la (Moon) mask are often carved in such a way that the face appears flatter than is typical of other masks, reduced in prominence to suggest a face in the moon.

The Moon in the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw mythology

The Upper World is the home of Sun, Moon, Stars, the Thunderbird, and the ancestors. It may be reached by a chain of arrows or by a ladder which the visitors climbs. In the sky lives Lelaba'lisela (Going-from-one-end-of-the-World-to-the-other). In a tale Sun, Moon and a girl are his children. Sun and Moon live in a house painted with the design of the sun and the moon to the right and left, with that a Thunderbird over the doorway. This house as well as that of the mythical ancestors is called Overhanging-Mountain. At last, the Moon is also responsible for controlling the tides.

ʼMa̱kwa̱la (Moon) mask carved by Kwamxalagalis (Wayne Alfred). 14"(H)x7.5"(W)x4"(D) More pictures


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