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Maps and Dreams

Maps and Dreams


Maps and Dreams is a journey into the lives and lands of the Beaver Indians, forest huntes of the Canadian sub-Arctic. Fascinating descriptions of daily life and the Indians' dreams of hunting trails and of heaven alternate with a perceptive commentary on the history, politics and social conditions of northeastern British Columbia. Two realities emerge: the rapacious dreams and plans of the white man, and the maps the Indians made to demonstrate the tenacity of a hunting and trapping economy. Conflicts of interest and the collision of points of view are reflected in the structure of the book. Odd-numbered chapters are a narative of the Indians in their hunting territory of forests and foothills. The even numbered chapters explore how Indians must compete with resource and recreational industries for an ever-greater piece of the North. Drawing on the author's experiences of living with Beaver Indians, this book makes a significant contribution to social science and history, without depriving the reader of the pure enjoyment of fine writing and storytelling. Hugh Brody is a writer and filmmaker. He is the author of Indians on Skid Row, Inishkillane: Change and Decline in the West of Ireland, The People's Land, Living Arctic and, with Michael Ignatieff, of 1919.

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