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Art of the Northwest Coast

Art of the Northwest Coast


Art of the Northwest Coast is a superbly illustrated and informed overview of the First Nations art of the Northwest Coast, covering the region of Puget Sound to Haida Gwaii and Alaska, and proceeding from prehistoric times ot the present. This groundbreaking volume provides an overview of the development of the art's styles and meanings in the context of the region's social history. Distingulshed scholar and art historian Aldona Jonaitis argues convincingly that rather than being lost following European settlement, the tradition of Native art is continuous, sometimes expressed in subtle ways but alsway varied and distinctive. The nineteenth century may have been a period of abundant and intricated art production, but First Nations are is flourishing now as much as ever before. Among the works in the volume, both traditional and contemporary, are wood carvings by Charles Edenshw, Bill Reid, and Susan Point, painting by Frederick Alexie, weaving by Selina Peratrovich, glasswork by Preston Singletary, and mixed-media work by Marianne Nicholson and Eric Robertson. Meticulously researched, compellingly written, and beautifully designed, Art of the Northwest Coast is a cornerstone addition to any library and essential reading for anyone interested in art, First Nations cuultures, and the evolustion of both.

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