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'Na̱m ła̱nx̱a ḵ'wax̱ One Green Tree


A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend


An Error in Judgement


Art of the Northwest Coast




Coloring book


Franz Boas - The Early Years 1858-1906


Full Moon, Flood Tide


In the Company of Whales


Kas'ida'asa san's Galga'lis


Kwakiutl Legends


Learning by Desiging


Learning by Doing


Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast


Maps and Dreams


My Life In A Kwagu't Big House


My Name is Seepeetza


Mythic Beings


Paddling to Where I Stand


Saltwater Women at Work


Secret of the Dance


Shaped Cedars and Cedar Shaping


Siwiti - A Whale's Story

The Earths Blanket


The Living World


The Totem Poles of Stanley Park


The Way of the Masks


Totems and Tea


Two Wolves at the Dawn of Time

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