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New Exhibit Hall


Cruise ship groups will enter and exit the new Exhibit Hall through the existing Museum/ Galleries and Big House Gallery. Conference Centre visitors will enter and exit via a new path running along the beach-front side of the two Big Houses. Within the new internal access route between the two Big Houses, ramp access will be provided to the lower level of the existing Big House.


Construction of the Exhibit Hall will be very similar to the traditional construction of the existing Big House. Some details may need to be changed due to the more stringent seismic requirements of the new Building Code.


Three levels of permanent bleachers will line the east and west walls of the Exhibit Hall, with enough space between to seat 75-100 people at tables for a buffet-style feast. A drum log will be located between the two structural columns at the north end of the space. Exhibits: A canoe will be housed in a space beneath the floor in the centre of the Exhibit Hall. A portion of the floor will slide away and the canoe will rise up on a hydraulic lift/ platform. This will occur as visitors watch from the bleachers. During feasts it will remain hidden beneath the floor. The canoe will be part of an audio-visual display using lighting, projections and video. There will also be traditional dance performances in the space.


The Exhibit Hall will not be housing any historical or climate-sensitive artifacts and therefore does not require the same level of climate control as the existing Museum/ Galleries and Big House Gallery. It needs to be environmentally separated from the existing building.


Wiring and electrical servicing will be required for performance lighting, audio-visual equipment and projectors, and computerized control. The existing building is serviced with 1200Amp.
Support Spaces


A 300 sq ft Kitchen is to serve the new Exhibit Hall, to be used during conference group and community feasts for:
- preparation of salads
- boiling & baking potatoes
- bannock
- desserts
- coffee & tea


- 4 or 6 burner gas
- ovens
- 36” griddle
- double-door cooler
- stand-up freezer (long term store is not req’d)
- dishwashers


Some food will be prepared and cooked on the beach, including:
- cooking of salmon
- cleaning and boiling of clams and crabs


A 200 sq ft space is required for dancer preparation. Dancers will need to move from here into the Exhibit Hall with ease.
Washrooms: 6 new fixtures are required (2 male, 4 female)


Traditional construction will be used for the new Exhibit Hall







Concept elevation of new Exhibit Hall (left) adjacent to existing Big House Gallery. Cooking of salmon on the beach will be a part of the program. In the background - the Old Residential School (right) and Cormoront Island Community Health Centre (left)

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